Tangyrose has made every salon & spa owner's dream a reality. With its distinctive line of Salon and Spa equipment and unique and creative designing, Tangyrose has created a special niche in the Indian Industry of rolex replica Wellness. Exclusively Owned & Promoted by DIVYA KOHLI, Tangyrose has its flagship showroom in Mumbai, a newly launched showroom in Delhi & is in the process of setting up another showroom in Bangalore.
The products find their best expression when they are a part of breitling replica unique concept salons & spas, where each sq. cm. is covered by an atmosphere of evolvement, relaxation and luxury. Tangyrose sells a concept to the customer and wants to help them create salons & spas which are stylish, distinct and within their allotted budgets. Our product lines, year after year confirm that Tangyrose's goal is to anticipate the future bringing innovation in materials, models and colours, as well as to maintain that stylish imprinting that makes its lines unmistakable. Creativity, Refinement and Quality, that are typical only of European style, Tangyrose has brought to India exclusive collections of Salon & Spa equipment as mentioned below:

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